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Zebra Handheld Barcode Scanners for Retailers

2D barcodes have made their way into the Cannabis industry, appearing on everything from retail package traceability labels to printed and electronic loyalty cards. Confirming the customer is of age prior to completing a sale is required in all regulated states. You must equip your point of sale solution with 2D barcode scanners that will enable your team to provide the highest quality service possible while maintaining regulatory compliance.

As experts in the Cannabis industry, DBS understands that retailers need high-quality hardware at an affordable price. That’s why we provide Zebra handheld barcode scanners to keep store operations running smoothly while staying compliant.

Verify Age with the Zebra DS4608DL 2D Corded Scanner with Driver License Parsing

Zebra DS4608DL 2D Corded Scanner

Compliance is a top priority in the Cannabis industry. Manually calculating a shopper’s age for an age-restricted purchase can add unnecessary time to the checkout process and lead to increased opportunity for error. Protect your business and keep lines moving with the Zebra DS46608DL 2D corded scanner. The on-board driver’s license parsing agent enables Budtenders to automatically and accurately capture names, addresses, and other information in a split second.

  • Includes Driver License parsing software
  • Doubles as a whole document scanner
  • Optional presentation stand allows hands-free use
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Effortlessly Read QR Codes with the Zebra DS2208 and DS2278 2D Scanners


Your 1D scanner can’t capture the new 2D codes, leading to slower checkout times and frustrated customers. But with the Zebra DS2208 2D corded scanner, you can scan it all. Scan QR codes on products and mobile devices with ease and precision, regardless of condition, for a seamless checkout experience. Pre-configured and ready to use right out of the box, simply plug the scanner into your POS and you’re ready to go. Need help with line busting? Take checkout anywhere with the DS2278 cordless scanner.

  • Used for POS and entry ID check stations
  • Reads all standard 1D and 2D symbologies
  • USB Connectivity
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

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Work Hands-Free with the Zebra Gooseneck IntelliStand

Zebra Gooseneck IntelliStand

During peak business hours, it's crucial to have accessories that enable workers to provide a quick and painless checkout experience. With the Zebra Gooseneck IntelilStand at your POS, workers can quickly switch their scanner to hands-free presentation mode and switch it back to trigger mode just as fast.

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